A Message from the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

Saminder (Sam) Bhalesar

It is my pleasure as the founder of the newly formed Canadian South Asian Women's Chamber of Commerce (CSAWCC) to welcome you. 

Canadian South Asian Women represent a strong, equal, and growing population. South Asian women entrepreneurs and professionals need equal representation and support in business. We need to set an example for our future generation of young women that they can succeed and bridge the gap in all professions.

It is time that we begin to break the barriers, to promote and reinforce South Asian women in their work, in their entrepreneurship and in their success. The CSAWCC seeks to do just that. We strive to create a center to foster and promote South Asian women professional excellence. 

Let’s set an example for the next generation of young women.

Working to Set an Example of the Best


Empowering women and young girls to show their values and what they have worked so hard to build in their business' and communities


Connecting one business owned by South Asian women at a time to another from coast to coast to coast


Advocating for South Asian women and South Asian women business owners


Promoting South Asian women owned businesses in their communities and around the country