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Note that membership fees are not being charged for the remainder of the 2023 year.

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Business Membership

Geared for businesses, corporations, associations, and organizations to join the CSAWCC.

What we offer:

  • Business/Organization listed in our members directory
  • Advertised on website and possibility for advertising in monthly newsletter, at no additional cost
  • A space to talk with other business and organizations owners to share ideas and thoughts from across the country
  • Monthly updates on opportunities from around the country
  • Membership direct services to help you grow your business
  • Member-to-member special offers and discounts
  • Provide thought and opinion on how we can work to move South Asian women owned businesses to the front of our communities
  • Admittance of 5 employees at all CSAWCC events
  • and much more

Cost To Your Business

  • $150.00 (billed monthly)
  • $1800.00 (billed yearly)

Individual Membership

Geared for individuals to join the CSAWCC and take part in CSAWCC activities.

What we offer:

  • Networking opportunities with business owners and corporations
  • Access to CSAWCC events at a reduced cost
  • Voting rights (as an individual)
  • Community and CSAWCC National updates on activities in your area and on the CSAWCC
  • and much more

Cost to You

  • Youth (26 and younger)
    • $15.00 (billed monthly)
    • $180.00 (billed yearly)
  • General
    • $30.00 (billed monthly)
    • $360.00 (billed yearly)